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Lauren is a seasoned cross-sector leader who began her career at Year Up, building an impactful program from the ground up and then scaling it through public-private partnerships. Following Year Up, Lauren was employee one at Canopy, an impact investing startup aimed at reducing the barriers for institutional investors to deploy capital to social good enterprises collaboratively. Her subsequent time at the technology startup RealSelf focused on growing from 100 to 300 employees and ultimately achieving a 60% female tech company, with 36% women in technical roles. Then, at The Riveter, Lauren focused on building collaborative spaces across the country for women to learn, grow, and start companies together.

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  • I watched somewhat from afar as Ada quickly became the go-to solution among my peers to support their efforts to diversify their technical workforce. It was really exciting to watch that and see momentum build. I was looking for my next move and it lined up with Ada looking for somebody who was going to take this great momentum and figure out how to grow their program well.

    10 June 2021
  • Melinda’s superpower has been to garner incredible research to inform where we invest in solving some of these really big, intractable problems. And so I’m super excited for her to have more resources, more space to really double down on that work.

    10 June 2021