LaurieAnn Scher

Chief Clinical Strategy Officer at Fitscript
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As a professional in health care, strategic thinking, vision and an innovative streak have been a necessity. Helping people challenge the status quo for better health outcomes, LaurieAnn allows person-centric experiences drive how she functions within the healthcare system. Never and no take up little space in her vocabulary and the individual experience acts as her guiding force to face challenges with innovation, collaboration, and grit. Imagination, hope, and audacity guide LaurieAnn’s work for people with diabetes and cardio metabolic conditions.

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  • If you experience regular leaks during workouts, consider using incontinence pads, which will absorb urine. And skip heavy weight lifting and other exercises that increase incontinence. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can help, too. Yoga and Pilates strengthen these muscles, as do Kegels, exercises that involve contracting those inner pelvic floor muscles. Don’t forget common-sense principles such as allowing enough time between eating or drinking and exercising so that you give your body time to void itself. Some prescription drugs (such as heart meds) have been linked to incontinence. If you suspect your medications are the culprit, talk with your doctor about switching. In addition, diabetes can hinder your ability to quickly heal, making it more likely that a slight abrasion will develop into a more serious infection. You want clothes that aren’t too tight but fit well and stay in place so they’re not moving around and rubbing your skin.

    9 March 2021
  • Tech is something that, as diabetes care specialists, can help us take a great leap. Sometimes the right person just hasn’t been exposed to it yet. These apps have a great way to fill the gaps and help stop things if something is brewing. I wish I could be… available to patients 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. But I cannot be. This will fill the gaps when providers are not available. Another advantage is that dealing with data and facts, AI-based tools take the emotional bias out of diabetes management. Rather than facing some medical school-educated professionals who may seem to be judging you, you’re just looking at the data and recommendations on a neutral basis. It’s more work, but it’s useful work.

    9 March 2021
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