Lawrence Gillum

Fixed Income Strategist at LPL Financial
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Lawrence has more than 20 years of institutional investment experience focusing on all major asset classes—public equities, hybrid securities, fixed income, and nontraditional investment strategies—over varying market conditions. He has a long-term strategic investment style that incorporates the tenets of modern portfolio management theory while also considering advanced portfolio management concepts (higher order moments, expected risk premia, factor analysis). Lawrence utilizes a collaborative leadership style with the goal of achieving above-average risk adjusted results for clients. Some of his core competencies include qualitative assessments, data analytics, data-driven decisions, financial modeling, presentation/communication skills and continued intellectual curiosities.

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  • The main thing we’d like to hear next week is how and when the Fed plans to reduce its bond purchase programs. Additionally, why the Fed continues to buy $40 billion in mortgage securities every month when the housing market, by all accounts, doesn’t need that support. Will we get that clarity? Probably not.

    23 June 2021
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