Leah Witman Moore

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Leah Witman Moore, has been teaching English and theater for over sixteen years. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Madison and has a masters in education from New York University. She was the recipient of the prestigious, Teacher of the Year award, presented to ten New York City Teachers annually. She first premiered her writing on her parenting blog, www.lovingyoubig.com, which has an international audience in over 57 countries. Her family has been featured in a documentary about Cri Du Chat, a rare chromosomal disability. She is a guest lecturer for the educational organization, Facing History Facing Ourselves. Through her teaching and writing, she is working to shift the narrative to create more stories centering around individuals with disabilities. She lives in New York with her husband and three children.

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  • Maslow Before Bloom: Before a child can develop their thinking skills and engage in “higher order thinking”, their basic needs must be met. They must know they are physically and emotionally safe before they can demonstrate what they have learned. When we extend that sense of belonging to a child, we will not only realize how resilient they are, but also they will take greater risks in the classroom, even if it is at the kitchen table.
    Lead with kindness:
    Google Classroom assignments will be missed, Zoom links with fail, and miscommunication will happen. We are educating our children during a pandemic. Remember to spread a little kindness to the teachers, parents, neighbors, coaches, and most importantly, yourself will help. So, to all of you, educating without a break, we know you are doing the best you can. Put your mask on, and give each other a social distance high five. We will get through this.

    14 June 2021
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