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Leon has 30 years experience working in I.T., from classroom instructor to desktop support, server support and finally to the enterprise systems management and design activities that he performs today. That progression of tasks was mirrored by a progression in responsibility. The largest environment Leon worked in was 250,000 systems in 5,000 locations worldwide. His goals are to continue to increase his IT knowledge and responsibility, building on my solid understanding of servers, operating systems and applications and branching out into data and voice networking infrastructure and applications.

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  • It’s an inescapable reality for most people that a large portion of their waking life is spent at work. It’s an equally inescapable reality that employee churn is the single biggest drain on a business in terms of cost and productivity. As a manager, ensuring employees are “happy” at work is both good moral values and good business. First of all, a manager has to recognise what their job is about.

    30 June 2021
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