Leslie Ghize

Executive Vice President at TOBETDG
On the record

TOBE TDG’s North Star, Leslie has transformed the business from heritage retail consultancy into a secret weapon think tank for clients in the fashion, entertainment, CPG, real estate, finance, hospitality, and food & beverage industries. Leslie runs the small but mighty cohort like a Special Ops unit, approaching each effort with fresh eyes, critical thinking, and discerning analysis.

Having joined TOBE TDG’s parent company, The Doneger Group, in 1998 with 10 years of experience in product development, merchandising, and trend analysis at specialty retailer Talbots, Leslie leads the TOBE TDG team in developing spot-on projections of consumer values, commercial opportunity, and marketing and messaging relevancy. She speaks regularly at conferences and corporate events, providing a clear point of view, thought-provoking topics, and a thoroughly entertaining style.

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  • The industry is still concerned with celebrity and influencers. But the company projects that with within two to five years, their impact will wane. It feels like diversity, appreciation for differences, and tolerance for new ideas is in the industry’s bloodstream now.

    21 November 2021
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