Lisa Edwards

President & COO at Diligent Corporation
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Generically I enjoy problem solving and building great teams. I've just joined Diligent, the leading platform for modern governance. Previously at Salesforce I focused on growth, customer experience, operational excellence, digital transformation partnerships and scaling the company. I manage Business Technology (BT, aka IT), Global Sales Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Data Governance, Pipeline and Distribution Data Science, Channels & Alliances (Partners, ISV), Industries, Enablement, Office of Innovation and Customer Experience (CX).

At Visa I ran IP strategy and business development, and before that managed corporate services (CPO, P2P, Real Estate, etc.). Before Visa, I was an entrepreneur, co-founding a subscription and transaction-based financial services technology company (SaaS before SaaS was a thing!) which we grew and eventually sold to Knight Capital. Prior to that I left Bain & Co. to be CEO of a startup software company that we sold to IBM.

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  • First and foremost, financial institutions can ensure they have the data available to integrate the discussion of environmental impact into their business strategies. That starts with the data they have control over, which is their own corporate footprint. The first step is data gathering, and the second step is extracting knowledge in real, everyday terms.

    9 December 2021
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    9 December 2021
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