Lon Bartel

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Lon is the Director of Training & Curriculum for VirTra. As a former peace officer with the Peoria Police Department in Arizona, Mr. Bartel is well-versed in law enforcement training. Out of his 20-year career as a police officer, he was a Rangemaster for 12 of those years, specializing in firearms and less-lethal training along with control tactics. Additionally, he has been a certified law enforcement trainer for over 18 years of his career.
As an IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor, Mr. Bartel was instrumental in creating the IADLEST certified V-VICTA program. He has been certified by the Force Science Institute as a Use of Force Analyst and an Advanced Specialist.
Mr. Bartel graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S in Exercise and Sports Science. In addition to his work at VirTra, he co-founded the Arizona Tactical Officers Association and has served on numerous review boards that evaluate officer use of force incidents.

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