Lorenzo Bavasso

Data, Analytics and AI Director at BT Global
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Lorenzo has over 17 years of telecoms industry and consulting experience specialising in the shaping and delivery of complex business and technology solutions. His experience spans most aspects of fixed line and mobile platforms, from digital applications, Big Data, OSS/ BSS through to network logistics, and back-office ERP systems.

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  • We are still evolving very fast in the data industry, in terms of technology, approach and spectrum of opportunity. The overall maturity is nowhere near complete yet. There is a big gap between high performers and ‘the others.’ As in, a lot of A.I./ML capabilities are still at prototype/pilot or ‘Minimum Viable’ status at best and not utilized at scale. There is a lot of focus on making A.I./ML more ‘friendly’ and less niche. For some proof points, we can just look at the industry landscape. A.I./ML as an offering is now part of most of the SaaS portfolios, the number of people involved in the data and A.I. industries is growing significantly and demand by businesses is skyrocketing. Whilst the sophistication is still growing, I think there is more and more focus on scale.

    19 July 2021
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  • BT Global
    Data, Analytics and AI Director