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Lori Murphy, a Strategic Real Estate Advisor at Real Estate Bees, is a certified professional home stager and was named one of the Real Estate Staging Association’s (RESA) Top 75 Most Influential People in 2019, Top 100 Most Influential People in 2018, and one of the Top Ten Rising Star Professional Stagers in 2014.
Lori Murphy’s business, Element One Home Staging, is the only home staging company in Central Ohio to have received the “Best of Houzz” for the past seven years and has been making the process of selling a home faster and more profitable since 2012.

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  • apartmenttherapy.com 01/9/22 - This is a good piece of advice in general, but if you have seasonal clothes you aren’t wearing, pack them away so they’re out of the closet. Lori Murphy, owner of Element One Home Staging and a strategic interior design advisor at Real Estate Bees, suggests using a three-to-four month rule. If you haven’t worn it or won’t wear it in the past or next three to four months, pack it.

    10 January 2022
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    10 January 2022
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