Lorna Borenstein

Founder and CEO at Grokker
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The idea for Grokker came to Lorna Borenstein while on a multi-year sabbatical, traveling the world with her husband and three children. Hoping to use the internet to practice yoga and fitness while on vacation, she became frustrated with the lack of high-quality instructional videos available, as well as the difficulty in finding videos in one place. In 2012, Lorna founded Grokker.com, the on-demand wellbeing solution you can access from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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  • Management teams need to commit to flexibility, especially if remote work is relatively new for your workforce. Establishing a permanent hybrid working arrangement is going to be an iterative process. Start out by setting realistic expectations of trial and error as policies, scheduling and employee tools and technology are adopted and adapted to effectively bridge working from home and office.

    19 August 2021
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