Lorrie King and Celeste Lee

Co-founders Lorrie King and Celeste Lee at Caire Beauty
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Lorrie King and Celeste Lee are the Founders of Caire Beauty, a menopausal skincare brand.

Lorrie King, Co-Founder and CEO, started her career in beauty and cpg at Unilever, spearheading the iconic Elizabeth Taylor & Chloe franchises. Later she was CMO on the US launch team of Boots in the U.S., global marketing lead for Halle Berry and Celine Dion and other fragrance brands at Coty and most recently, President of SiO Beauty, the digital first, overnight wrinkle-eliminating silicone skin patch brand.
Celeste Lee, Co-Founder and CMO, started her career in beauty with Givaudan, the world’s largest maker of flavors and fragrances as head of Fine Fragrance Marketing and subsequently established her own boutique consultancy, working with a range of top tier brands and portfolios including Pernod-Ricard, Kopari, Coty, Colorescience and Avon.

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  • We’re part of a new wave of brands & retailers reinventing lifestyle products for what we call at Caire ‘Grown Ups’. So, our skincare for grownup women is intentionally designed with female biology at its heart. By researching how natural and normal hormone change directly affects skin quality over 40, over 50 and beyond, Caire helps women amplify their sense of self using current science wrapped in an anti-agism attitude. - Celeste Lee

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