Louis Diamond

Executive Vice President, Senior Consultant at Diamond Consultants
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  • Many advisors don't think about what's in it for the other side. You can have the best idea ever for a partnership. But you'll only convince the other person if you do the pre-work that shows how you've thoughtfully considered their side and how they'll gain.

    14 November 2018
  • A consultant to financial advisors and financial service firm owners on opportunities and change within the wealth management landscape with a strong business acumen, a focus on inorganic growth, M&A and succession, plus extensive knowledge of the players in the wealth management space makes him an ideal source. The financial services media often call upon Louis to provide background and insights on industry news and trends, including The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Barron’s, RIABiz, InvestmentNews, FundFire, OnWallStreet, Financial Planning magazine, and Investor’s Business Daily.

    13 November 2018
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