Luis Molina

Co-founder and Lead Developer at Superalgos
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Luis Molina is the Co-founder and Lead Developer at Superalgos. In 2017 he left Fermat to found aiming to create an open p2p network to coordinate traders at scale, in a pseudonymous way and without counterparty-risk.

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  • It took several weeks for a Reddit crowd to coordinate to take a position in GameStop (GME). Everything was going well until someone decided to pull the plug, acting against users’ interests. Replace manual trading with automation, and Robinhood with the Superalgos Network. In a matter of minutes, millions of crypto users will be able to coordinate to take positions, with no intermediaries, pseudonymously, over a p2p network with no plugs to pull. Superalgos will disrupt trading as we know it.

    9 December 2021
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    9 December 2021
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