Manuel Bronstein

Chief Product Officer at Roblox
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Manuel Bronstein serves as Chief Product Officer at Roblox, leading our Product, Design, and Data Science organizations. Manuel has spent over 20 years as a product leader in the consumer and entertainment spaces, most recently serving as Vice President of Product at Google, leading Google Assistant.

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  • As more people spend more time online, and technical capabilities evolve, we'll increasingly see the metaverse play host to massive, immersive, virtual events pioneering novel forms of live entertainment. One important callout is that we don't see the metaverse replacing real-world interaction, but augmenting the way in which we experience the world together, by providing access to experiences that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

    17 December 2021
  • We believe that the metaverse is going to be fully user generated. And we think that by empowering everybody to be a creator we’re going to get more immersiveness and a larger variety of [experiences] on the platform.

    17 December 2021
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