Maria K. Venetis

Associate Professor of Communication at Rutgers University–New Brunswick
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Maria 's primary research interests lie at the intersection of interpersonal and health communication. She is primarily interested in patient and provider communication behaviors during the medical interaction and patient outcomes such as satisfaction and coping. Maria is also interested in how patients make disclosure decisions when sharing personal and potentially stigmatizing information with providers. Another area of research considers how patients and partners make ongoing disclosure decisions, including topic avoidance, concerning health information such as cancer-related topics, mental health, or other non-visible health information. She studies factors that contribute to breast cancer patients surgical decision making.

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  • We found that, except for humor, these resilience processes improve confidence in a relationship. Humor isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t always guaranteed to help because its intention is not always clear. This ambiguity can have implications for how messages are received and consequently can influence what a partner thinks about a relationship.

    4 September 2021
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