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Born on the semi-tropical island of Sao Miguel in the village called Rosario de Lagoa, Maria moved permanently to the United States with her family when she was six years old. After settling in southeastern Massachusetts, Maria grew up in an area that has a rich history of seafood and farming. There are fantastic bakeries and butchers and restaurants that prepare dishes in the traditional manner, but as an adult she craved the dishes her mother and grandmother made when she was younger.

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  • This name came from being picked on while going to school after my family emigrated from São Miguel. I was called many names (portugee, greenhorn, fava bean etc…) since I was different than the other children. But I never let those names hurt me or make me less than who I am. I was raised by very strong parents and grandparents, and they taught me to be very proud of who I am, so call me what you may… I knew I came from a wonderful family with an amazing heritage. So you can call me the “Azorean Green Bean” … I wear that name with pride.

    15 October 2021
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