Mariano Nunez

CEO at Onapsis
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As CEO, Mariano drives the strategic direction of the company. Under his leadership, Onapsis has become one of the fastest-growing technology and cybersecurity companies in the world. Starting his career as a Cybersecurity Researcher, Mariano was the first to publicly present on cybersecurity risks affecting SAP platforms and how to mitigate them at major conferences such as RSA, Black Hat and SANS. He was the developer of the first open source ERP penetration testing framework and has discovered critical security vulnerabilities in SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft applications.

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  • Additional funding for cybersecurity within the federal government is extremely important in this new era of interconnected risk, especially between business applications and critical operational technology infrastructure. Prioritizing the modernization of aging technology stacks will be essential to mitigate rising cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and ensure the security of the Nation's most critical systems and applications from malicious cyber campaigns.

    4 April 2022