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Mariko Amekodommo is an international culinary expert, F&B advisor, Ayurvedic culinary educator and experience creator currently living in South Asia.

Living on the beach in a jungle is a different world than her previous avatar of sky rises and red carpets. She founded FREE Baking Company in 2009, a Los Angeles based culinary events company creating innovative food inspired events for red carpets, celebrities and brands. Traveling the world, searching rare ingredients and immersing herself in local culinary methods and traditions, she would return to LA to recreate the experiences for celebrities and TV audiences.

During one of her adventures, she found herself in Vietnam - eating the best soup of her life. When she got back to Los Angeles, she kept dreaming about soup and decided to move across the globe. Leaving everything behind, she used Asia as a base for travels around the region to explore cuisines, techniques and ingredients. And eat lots of soup.

She currently resides in South Asia, home of global marketing advisory firm Mariko Communications and the co-founder of sustainable lifestyle brand Mariko & Venk.

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  • When you 'drink' fruits or vegetables, the saliva isn't produced and the smoothie can't get digested. This leads to the fruits fermenting (like alcohol) and can cause immediate bloating and discomfort.

    15 January 2022
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