Marina Gross

Executive Vice President & Portfolio Manager Natixis Advisors at Natixis Investment Managers
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Marina Gross is an Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Natixis Advisors. In this role she co-leads the firm’s multi-asset solutions business, and helps oversee the target date strategies and model portfolios. She is also responsible for the Natixis Portfolio Clarity® team of consultants, who inform clients’ decision making throughout the asset allocation, portfolio construction and investment selection process. Ms. Gross has over 20 years of investment experience. Prior to joining Natixis in 2003, she was at Merrill Lynch as an analyst in Fundamental Equity Research, and Equity Capital Markets. She received her BSBA from Boston University.

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  • Model portfolios offer the best of both worlds: scale and personalization. By operationalizing portfolio construction, with centrally guided investment research, asset allocation and rebalancing, model portfolios make the investment process more efficient and responsive to changes in the market and clients’ goals.

    22 March 2021
  • Sure, and thanks for having me. So it's been an interesting start to the year, rather bumpy. Volatility is certainly on the rise. And so it's not as straightforward as it was, perhaps, the latter end of last year. So as far as how our portfolios are positioned-- we're decidedly risk on still with an overweight in equity. That overweight in equity is parsed out between an overweight in US small cap and an overweight in emerging markets.

    22 March 2021
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