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Managing Director, Cybersecurity and Information Resilience at British Standards Institution
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Mark Brown is BSI's Global Managing Director of the Consulting Services, Digital trust business and has almost 30 years of expertise in cybersecurity, data privacy and business resilience. He has previously held global leadership roles across industry organizations and professional services, including tenures as Global CISO at SABMiller plc, and Global CIO/CTO at Spectris plc, as well as leadership roles as a Senior Partner at Wipro Ltd., and was also a Partner at Ernst & Young (EY) LLP.

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge including extensive proficiency on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the expanding cybersecurity marketplace as organizations grapple with digital transformation and addressing new technology that brings new business opportunities and risks, with a sharp focus on proportional and pragmatic response based on his practical industry leadership experience.

Mark is internationally recognized as a leading authority on information resilience with a focus on cybersecurity and data privacy, presenting a focus on the way IT can enable business strategies. He currently leads techUK’s Industry 4.0 Cyber Security sub-committee examining the business impacts of Industry 4.0 on Cybersecurity and how businesses can be incentivized to safely adopt new technologies at minimal risk. Mark is also an elected member of techUK’s Connected Home Group, chairing the Cybersecurity & Data Privacy sub-committee and internationally has been elected to lead the landscape analysis studies within the Medical Device Innovation Consortium’s (MDIC) 5G Enabled Medical Devices working group.

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  • Many companies are putting their faith in cloud service providers to fulfill their cloud requirements, but there is a sense that storing and processing data in the cloud is often done with the expectation of a safe, secure ecosystem—which many companies fail to validate. The key lesson is to therefore validate your expectations through supply chain assurance (such as SOC 2 reporting).

    9 February 2022
  • Any organization [therefore] failing to report a cyber breach in a timely manner, whilst it may fall foul of regulatory compliance burdens in reporting, is likely to face a much larger risk in preserving its brand integrity, should it be found to have been providing tarnished services to clients.

    8 February 2022
  • Have you read your company’s annual report? Do you know what your company’s strategy, not just today [or], tomorrow, but [what the] three, five-year strategy is and what the role or the importance of digital and trust around security? If you can’t answer that, you’re not a CISO.

    8 February 2022
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