Mark Cameron

Associate Professor, Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences, at Case Western Reserve University
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Dr. Mark Cameron applies genomic technologies and bioinformatic methods to identify biomarkers (immune correlates) of infectious diseases, such as HIV, and chronic inflammatory conditions, such as psoriasis. He and his team have broad computational expertise in analyzing across data types and studies, and focus their work on targets or diagnostics that can be used in specific immunotherapy or vaccine design. Dr. Cameron also directs the genomics activities of several large cores or consortia, including the Case Western Reserve University Applied Functional Genomics Core, the Miami Center for AIDS Research (Inter-CFAR) Bioinformatics Core, the Case Western Reserve University CFAR Systems Biology Core, and the international Early Treated Perinatally Infected individuals: Improving Children’s Lives with an HIV Vaccine (EPIICAL). These collaborative cores allow Dr. Cameron to apply his systems approach and data from gene sequence, to gene transcription, to protein, cellular and antibody function, to find out what goes right or wrong in the immune systems of patients who respond variably to various diseases or treatments.

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  • We have to learn more about who can fight the disease versus who can’t. We are looking at how a person's genes are expressed in either sickness or in health. The concept here is brand new. This is a powerful technique.

    11 November 2020
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