Mark Cusack

Chief Technology Officer at Yellowbrick Data
On the record

Before joining Yellowbrick, Mark was Vice President for data and analytics at Teradata, where he led a variety of product management and technology teams in data warehouse and advanced analytics groups. He was also Chief Architect of Teradata’s IoT Analytics effort. Mark joined Teradata in 2014 when Teradata acquired the startup RainStor, where he was a co-founding developer and Chief Architect. Prior to RainStor, Mark was a lead scientist in the UK Ministry of Defence. Mark holds a Ph.D. in computational physics from Newcastle University, UK, with a thesis centered on discovering the electronic and non-linear optical properties of quantum dots. As a research fellow at Newcastle, he developed new techniques to model these novel quantum structures using large-scale parallel and distributed computing approaches.

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  • As the world's only modern data warehouse for hybrid cloud, Yellowbrick Data enables enterprises to analyze data in real-time – both in the cloud and on-premise – to extract the insights needed to power today's digital businesses. The latest findings of the Data Gravity Index illustrate why it's imperative that enterprises design for data gravity, so it does not inhibit digital business growth. In collaboration with Digital Realty, we are helping enterprises leverage next-gen hybrid IT and data localization to unlock differentiated value, enhance business capabilities and overcome data gravity barriers.

    24 March 2021
  • From the perspective of the end user, all they will see is a delay as the query is re-run, rather than a query failure in their BI [business intelligence] tool. The purpose is to provide administrators the ability to ensure high-priority short running queries continue to have system resources available, by penalizing longer running queries by moving them to alternative pools or penalty boxes.

    24 March 2021
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