Mark Thomas

Senior Threat Intelligence Director at NTT Ltd.
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For the past 20 years, Mark has worked in the Cyber Security field establishing pragmatic, business-aligned risk minimization strategies and cyber defenses to reduce losses, protect brand reputation, and achieve return on investment. His broad knowledge and in depth expertise are a result of working extensively with large enterprise spanning cross-sector and cross-industry, including banking and finance, government, utilities, healthcare, education, and telecommunications.

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  • On one hand you have threat actors taking advantage of a global disaster, and on the other, cybercriminals capitalising on unprecedented market booms. The common thread throughout both of these situations is unpredictability and risk. Changes in operating models or adoption of new technologies present opportunities for malicious actors and with a surging crypto-currency market popular among inexperienced students; attacks were bound to happen.

    5 January 2022
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    5 January 2022
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  • NTT Ltd.
    Senior Threat Intelligence Director