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Mary-Lou Smulders leads Dedrone's global marketing and communications team. During her twenty-year high-tech career, Mary-Lou served as CMO at several enterprise software entities including financial technology company 9th Gear and crisis communication systems leader AtHoc. Additionally, she served as Senior Vice President of Global Applications and Services Marketing for Oracle Corporation and started her career as a rig engineer.

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  • While critical infrastructure sites are implementing drone surveying and inspection programs around the world, these organizations must also protect from unwanted drones. Drones pose a major threat to critical infrastructure because they could be used for industrial espionage or to damage a company's property, causing operational delays or shutdowns. Laws for unauthorized drone flights at critical infrastructure, including airports, are growing around the world – with stiffer penalties. An essential detection requirement must include data logging for forensic evidence to be used by law enforcement, and in the event of damage, for insurance or legal prosecution.

    1 August 2021
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