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Partner at Daversa Partners
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Maryanne is known throughout the firm for crushing early morning workouts and still beating the rest of the team to her first meeting of the day – this early bird always gets the worm (and the candidate). A long-standing partner at Daversa, Maryanne is known for her innate ability to partner with CEO’s and Founders to build executive management teams for both Enterprise and Consumer software businesses. She is widely recognized as one of the country’s leading search partners for Marketing leadership roles – her prestigious track record of C and VP-level Marketing placements speaks for itself. While Marketing has always been fundamental to Maryanne’s body of work at Daversa Partners, she has also recruited industry changing executives within Finance, Technology, Product and Customer Success. Maryanne is considered a trusted partner to top venture firms such as Norwest, NEA, Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and DFJ Venture and has built out executive teams for Instacart, Brex, Hippo, Nextdoor, Zscaler, Oura Ring, SumoLogic, and Hubspot.

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  • Marketing executives must have a seat at the table. This role is about driving change through leadership versus being only a functional expert. It's as much about learning daily from the data available as it is about developing points of view and taking bold risks with messaging. Marketing is no longer a siloed function but is instead a specialty that intertwines with all other business functions emphasizing both strategy and growth.

    17 May 2022
  • Marketing Matters. It educates, it defines brand, it builds bridges, and it connects customers with content. Today, marketing leaders must be able to develop the mission, adapt the message, and communicate the vision of their companies. They do this with a data-centric focus, while still engaging the marketplace with their storytelling through various channels.

    17 May 2022