Matt Senter

CTO, Co-Founder at Lolli and 1 other company
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I'm Matt, the CTO & Co-founder of Lolli. My team and I give people bitcoin for shopping at their favorite stores. It's a cashback program but for bitcoin, and you can earn both online and in-store.

I've been building companies and leading teams for 27 years. I've done solely technical stuff at places, and I've been the CEO/CTO at others. I enjoy all aspects of building businesses, not just tech!

My most recent startup before Lolli was called Cosmic Cart, which was acquired by Popsugar and then later again by Rakuten. Prior to that I co-founded Seedmatrix, a ground-breaking agricultural data mining tool used by Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Global clients. I've been building and successfully exiting business since my first in the late 90s called Senternet, the world's first Java based hosting company.

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  • The retailers have been wanting to figure out some kind of cryptocurrency for a while. They realize they get an opportunity to kind of dip their toe in through us. There’s very little for the retailer to do.

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