Matthew Fisher

General Counsel at Carium
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Matt is General Counsel for Carium, a telehealth platform company. Matt is responsible for all legal functions in the company and helps to ensure that operations meet the requirements of applicable healthcare laws and regulations.

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  • A legitimate contact tracer does not want or need account information as that does not have a connection to infection risk.

    19 February 2021
  • In fact, the proposal with the biggest potential immediate impact on data security and privacy teams at healthcare entities will be the tightening up of right of access obligations. Shortening the response time to 15 days will push organizations to be very prompt with responses. The proposed rule also seeks to introduce more flexibility in the initial request process. The change to the request process appears to target what can be perceived as artificial barriers and complications being thrown up by organizations to hinder access. Taking the proposed changes, together with many recent HIPAA settlements focused on right of access, it is clear that information must be made accessible and not held up.

    16 December 2020
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