Matthew Halliday

Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Product at Incorta
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Matthew is a veteran Software Engineer and Data Analytics expert, he co-founded Incorta in 2013 after more than 15 years at Oracle and several years managing products at Microsoft. With over 20 years of experience developing products and taking them to market, Matthew has served in several key roles across the company, playing a hand in nearly every aspect of Incorta’s growth and product development. An artist at heart, Matthew is drawn to technology in much the same way he is drawn to music and design – with a passion and vision that he brings to his work at Incorta every day. Matthew holds a degree in computer science from the University of Liverpool, where he graduated with honors.

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  • Record-level data security will become a hot topic and key priority in 2022 after a wave of high-profile data breaches that makes it impossible to ignore. We may even see an entirely new open-standard file format emerge with record-level data security already baked into it.

    27 December 2021
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    27 December 2021
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    Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Product