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Mehdi Maghsoodnia, CEO of Mr. Maghsoodnia is the CEO behind the deployment of 1% of COVID-19 testing across the United States—all via at-home saliva tests. At (and its consumer arm Vitagene), Mehdi works tirelessly to make precision testing available for all. pioneered testing as a service (TaaS) earlier this year by bringing to market the first FDA Emergency Use Authorized COVID-19 saliva test, in partnership with IBX (Previously RUCDR). Instead of asking people to go get tested in laboratories that are often crowded and have delayed results, is bringing affordable, simple testing to the people, wherever they are. The company partners with hospital systems, telehealth companies, corporations and government agencies, school systems, consumer brands, as well as public health departments around the country. Through its lab network, centralized platform, and health partnerships, now more than seven million Americans have access to the COVID-19 saliva test. He is on the board of SpineZone and MedCorder, and previously served as CEO of Rafter,, SVP of products at CafePress, COO at Actiance and SVP at Intellisync. Mr. Maghsoodnia is also an industry fellow at UC Berkeley, where he teaches innovation and entrepreneurship. He holds a Master’s of Science in EECS from Stanford, and a Bachelor of Science from UC Berkeley.

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  • At 1health, our mission is to make clinical testing more efficient, effective, and accessible. We're proud that our solutions allow us to play an important role in helping keep America's workforce safe. Through our diverse offering, organizations can be assured they have access to consistent, cutting-edge and cost-efficient testing through whatever lies ahead.

    7 February 2022