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  • "Look for the reasons why your idea will work, instead of all the reasons why it won't. This gives us confidence."

    As featured in Bizpreneur Middle East Magazine, "Breakthrough Imposter Syndrome and Step Into Your Power", April 2021

    3 December 2021
  • “Clarity is key. If you know what’s important right now, it’s easier to say no to opportunities that are a distraction.”

    As featured in Business2Community, "When to Say No as a Busy Business Owner", February 2021

    3 December 2021
  • " I always say, ‘If your clients can’t see you, they can’t buy from you.’ With a surge to move online with offerings, it’s more important than ever for your message to stand out in a crowded market."

    As featured in "How Can Small Businesses Prepare for the Recovery? Nine Marketing Pros Give Their Best Advice" by Michelle Garrett, May 17, 2020

    3 December 2021
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