Melanie Kossan

Founder and CEO at Stillwater Hemp
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Born and raised in a small town in Indian Wells Valley, California, Melanie Kossan is the founder of Stillwater Hemp, a Montana-based Organic health and CBD company. A lifelong entrepreneur and natural healthcare advocate, Melanie initially launched Stillwater Hemp to provide safe, 100% organic hemp products to her family and friends. As word of her batch-produced, locally sourced hemp offerings spread across Montana, she began the family-owned business which grew into a thriving enterprise shipping tinctures, topicals, edibles, and pet products to all 50 states.

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  • Although e-commerce sites permit the advertising and sale of hemp seed oil because they don’t fall under federal CBD jurisdiction, they effectively have zero Cannabidiol content and just a trace amount of vitamins and minerals. In other words, you’re paying a premium for the approximate nutritional benefit of eating an apple, orange or banana.

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