Melissa Bell

The Menopause Coach at Sivako! Coaching
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Melissa Bell is a certified exercise nutrition and life coach, and she is known to women as The Menopause Coach. She was recently featured in Woman’s World magazine, Authority Magazine and on

Melissa is the creator of the Power Surge program (, and is dedicated to helping women understand their hot flashes are really Power Surges!

Melissa guides women on a journey to restore balance to their bodies, their minds and their spirits so they can alleviate their peri/menopausal symptoms, lose weight, boost their energy, regain confidence and become the woman they were born to be. After working with Melissa, her clients know their second half is going to be their best half.

Additionally, Melissa takes her message and knowledge to businesses and organizations to help them understand that menopause is not a female issue, it is an organizational issue.
It is something all business owners, managers, and even womenpreneurs need to understand and learn how they can best support themselves and/or their employees.
Studies have shown that menopausal symptoms can affect both performance and attendance at work. By learning simple steps to support the women in their workplace, and empowering them with just a few small but powerful habits, organizations can help employees take control of their health so they don’t just survive but THRIVE in perimenopause and menopause.

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