Michael Bakas

Executive Vice President, Distributed Energy Systems at Ameresco
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Michael Bakas is an Executive Vice President, at Ameresco, a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company. He is a member of the founding management team of the 20-year old public company (NYSE:AMRC). Michael has nearly 30 years of experience in the energy industry and has been at the forefront of the strategic development of renewable energy assets while being instrumental in Ameresco’s corporate strategic planning and growth.

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  • This is but [unfortunately] another example of why we must see growth in the microgrid space. While nothing is foolproof, it is fair to suggest that microgrids with local generation sources would have added tremendous resiliency to the system. From the articles I read, it appears that New Orleans was counting on one large power plant to feed the entire city should the transmission system fail. One would surmise that this single point of failure is not nearly as resilient as having multiple [smaller] regional microgrids being supplied by local generation resources. Hopefully, we will see state and federal government recognize these ‘lessons learned’ and promulgate incentive/tax credit programs to jump-start microgrid deployment using local, renewable resources such as renewable natural gas, hydrogen, solar, etc.

    7 September 2021
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    Executive Vice President, Distributed Energy Systems