Michael Blumenfield

Professor Emeritus at New York Medical College and 3 other companies
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see mblumenfieldmd.com and Shrinktalkbook.com. Dr. Blumenfield is experienced psychiatrist who has held many positions such Past President of American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry, Past Speaker of Assembly of American Psychiatric Association, author of many papers, several books including Shrinktalk ( recently published)

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  • People who are nonvaxxors ( refusing to get vaccinated ) are using a common psychological defense mechanism known as " denial" but in this case it is " fatal denial"
    I discuss how to address this problem in my new book SHRINKTALK and will be glad to elaborate in any interview - Michael Blumenfield, M.D. ( Mblumenfield@aol.com)

    26 November 2021
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