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Michael is Chief Executive Officer of LendingHome. As a financial markets veteran, Michael previously served as LendingHome’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer since he joined the company in August 2018. Michael’s 20 years of executive experience include financial leadership positions at General Electric across various industrial manufacturing and financial services businesses. Prior to LendingHome, Michael served as the CFO of publicly traded mortgage servicer Ocwen Financial Corporation, which at the time was an organization of over 10,000 employees. Michael received his B.A. in Math from College of the Holy Cross and earned his MBA at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. From personal and professional experiences with real estate, Michael understands from every angle that this industry is ripe for disruption.

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  • The construction industry is trying to catch up, but the issue we are facing today is decades in the making. There is only so much that builders can do quickly. Eventually, the market will correct, and the timber industry, for example, will bring more sawmills back online, increase supply and lower the costs of those materials, but all these things take time.