Michael Broughton

CEO at Altro
On the record

Michael is the Chief Executive Officer at Altro, a free-to-use app that allows anyone to build credit using nontraditional forms of payments. Michael came up with the idea for Altro when he was denied a $10K loan to cover the cost of tuition at the University of Southern California. Without credit history, he couldn’t get a loan, but a loan was required to build credit history. Fed up with this catch-22, he set out to create a better way to build credit to help millions of unbanked and underbanked Americans gain financial freedom.

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  • With all the other available data to demonstrate a person’s fiscal responsibility, there’s no excuse to continue to rely on outdated methods like credit cards and loan payments, which are predatory and exclusionary at best. Perch has proven the demand for more accessible forms of credit building, and now as Altro, we’re creating a movement, bringing financial empowerment to all.

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