Michael Cruz

Partner and Head of Content at Summer Friday
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Michael is an expert at finding inspiration in the peculiar details that no one else seems to notice. Before founding Hiccup Media with Rob Simone, Michael developed his skills across the production spectrum. His experience in both directing and editing eventually led to full campaign/creative development for massive brands like E*TRADE, Sony, P&G, Thomson Reuters, Pfizer, and WSJ just to name a few. Michael’s ability to cross verticals and deliver effective, relevant and engaging content is truly unique and makes him essential in providing insight throughout the planning process, from strategy to execution.

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  • Web2 in a lot of ways paved the way. It was highly governed from the top down. [It was like] playing in someone else’s playground. But as we start to move into web3, there’s more autonomy, and this should include a better social experience altogether. So if you’re going to come into the space, tapping into that authenticity is key.

    23 March 2022
  • article
    23 March 2022
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