Michael Finke

Professor of Wealth Management at The American College Of Financial Services
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Michael Finke, PhD, is Professor of Wealth Management, Director for the Granum Center for Financial Security, and the Frank M. Engle Distinguished Chair in Economic Security at The American College of Financial Services. He joined The College in June 2016, having served since 2006 as a professor and PhD coordinator in the Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University. From 1999 through 2006, he served as the Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Missouri.

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  • More employees will be saving for retirement, workers will save more of their paycheck, public-sector workers will gain access to lower-cost investments, and retirees and financial planners will have more flexibility to decide how much and when to withdraw funds from an individual retirement account (or IRA).

    2 August 2021
  • The emotional part of our brain was effective when doing things like avoiding saber-toothed tigers, but it may not be as effective in a modern economy.

    2 August 2021
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