Michael Greenberg

Head of Product at Statehub
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Michael Greenberg is an entrepreneur and IT infrastructure expert with more than 20 years in storage and UNIX systems design, and currently heads the Product team at Statehub. Prior to Statehub, he served as chief architect at EverCompliant, and co-founded Leanscape as well as Leandigo. Michael is a veteran of the IDF’s elite cyber intelligence corps, Unit 8200.

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  • Statehub provides access to pre-configured storage, replication and networking services running across multiple public clouds that can be invoked as part of a DevOps workflow using infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools. Statehub currently supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure with other cloud platforms to follow. The goal is to make it possible for IT organizations to manage data without being concerned about which cloud service provider is employed or whether they will be locked into a specific cloud platform.

    12 December 2021
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