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Michael is the CEO of Trivium Packaging, a global leader in infinitely recyclable metal packaging serving the world's leading brands. Trivium has over 60 locations across 5 continents, employing 8,000 employees with revenues of approximately $3 Billion. Prior to Trivium Michael was CEO at EXAL, where he led the transformation of the company into the global leader in premium aluminum packaging. He has spent over 15 years leading rigids and flexibles packaging businesses globally.

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  • At Trivium, we have the opportunity and responsibility to make a positive difference in the environmental crisis facing our world today. Trivium has an incredible track record of developing high-quality, innovative packaging made from infinitely recyclable material and implementing sustainability practices, valuable to both our customers and the planet.

    24 September 2021
  • No event in recent memory has had as much impact on consumer behavior as COVID-19 yet the majority of consumers did not de-prioritize sustainability in the face of the pandemic, a true testament to the unwavering sustainability movement led by young consumers.

    24 September 2021
  • This increased consumer awareness, driven by increased media coverage of the environmental impacts of pollution and large corporations transitioning away from plastics, whether it's straws, grocery bags or plastic water bottles, truly underscores our findings. Consumers' focus is on sustainable living now more than ever, and they're willing to pay to protect the planet. This presents brands a real opportunity to impact purchasing decisions by offering environmentally friendly options for their consumers.

    23 October 2020