Michael Norring

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Michael Norring is the CEO of GCSIT. He plays an integral role in building the GCSIT brand and reimagining the future of IT partners to help bring smarter, more innovative, affordable technology solutions to consumers faster. With 25 years of experience in the industry, he has extensive experience creating technology partners focused on the Cloud, DevOps, SaaS, Applications, Consulting, and the Managed Services market.

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  • Agile infrastructure means being nimble so that it can support applications. Infrastructure was once static and slow-moving, now it needs to be more fluid, so it doesn’t hold you back in digital transformation. If you’re adopting new technologies, you don’t want the infrastructure to hold you back on your way to digital transformation. One key to achieving this is starting on the development side. These interactions matter, so we know how to change infrastructure quickly. It’s a holistic view of what an organization is trying to achieve, determining what agility they need to support innovation.

    3 August 2021
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