Michal Matlon

Place & Architecture Psychologist at theLivingCore and 2 other companies
On the record

I help create places for good life and meaningful work. As an architectural psychologist (or an environmental psychologist, if you wish), my mission is to make sure that as many people as possible spend their time in as best environment as possible. One that is healthy, pleasant, beautiful, supports their relationships and allows them to do a good work.

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  • Architecture and the environment we live in strongly affect our thinking, feeling and behavior.

    The way we design our cities, buildings, offices and other places can make us either well or worse-off. It can improve our health, or make us sick. It can allow us to focus on our work and be creative or suppress our spirits and potential. It can allow us to live a calm, fulfilled life, or it can turn us into neurotic neighbors. The space around us is not just out there, it’s also inside of us. It’s an extension of our bodies and minds.

    That’s the reason why we need to carefully consider every step in creating a new place or space based on scientific evidence about human brain and psychology. It has to be based on what people truly need and require. It cannot be done through ideas and creativity alone. Its effect on people cannot be left to chance.

    10 February 2022
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