Michal Mor

Co-founder, Chief of Metabolic Health at Lumen.me
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Michal is the Co-Founder and Head of Science for Product at Lumen. Lumen’s mission is to create a world where every person has access to personalized nutrition and lifestyle insights to improve their metabolic health.

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  • “Lumen’s approach to personalized nutrition is based on our metabolism and challenges the diet paradigm just by being able to measure nutrition. We’ve created a metric which tells the story of how your body processes fats or carbs and uses them for energy. With that metric, which we call metabolic flexibility, our customers have a better idea of where their health is headed and how their body responds to certain foods or exercise.”

    8 August 2022
  • “People think they either have a fast or slow metabolism, but that is a misconception. We can actually train our body to burn fats and carbs more efficiently if we know what to eat and when. It’s really the key to all health – if you’re able to feed your body what it needs to fuel your workout properly or a day at the office, you can eventually train your metabolism to burn through carb stores and burn fat more easily when you wake up. ”

    8 August 2022
  • “We promote a dynamic low carb approach to nutrition, with gradual high carb days to make sure your body is burning both fats and carbs according to your energy expenditure,”

    8 August 2022
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    Co-founder, Chief of Metabolic Health