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Michelle is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at FINAVATOR INC, an award-winning fintech and payments consultancy. Michelle's background is in prepaid payments, loyalty programs, blockchain, and open banking. She started FINAVATOR as she is passionate about payments and financial inclusion. With over 20 years of extensive industry experience, Michelle has helped drive innovation across the retail and payments space, and supported the growth of many industry leaders across North America.

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  • A healthy and competitive financial services sector is vital to Canada's economic well-being. Our current banking culture predominantly favours Canada’s largest FIs. In a recent report by the World Bank Group, Canada is ranked only 23rd in the world for ease of doing business. The report considered different aspects of the participating countries' business environments, including their regulatory environment. Within this culture, the concentration of asset size held by a handful of large retail banks has increased more than in almost any other developed country in the world.

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