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Michelle is the Founder at Momup, a unique staffing and talent acquisition company specializing in part-time and full-time business professionals. Entrepreneurship is old hat for Michelle – having successfully run and sold her first business, Misha K, before the age of 30. She now leads MomUp in its quest to connect organizations with the amazing resource of mothers. As a stay at home mom, Michelle discovered, like many of her friends, she wanted to continue her career path with businesses who value work and life balance. She found herself surrounded by highly educated, skilled, energetic multi-tasking mega stars that were unemployed and looking for new and exciting challenges. She realized that by forging partnerships with progressive companies and connecting them with skilled talent MomUp could make a huge impact.

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  • Forty percent of working parents changed their job situation due to Covid. Most of these people were mothers. Right now there are two big things. Many people are re-evaluating what they want in their careers, so it’s changing the career in terms of the field and the industry. But the No. 1 thing people are looking for is the option for remote and flexible work. And that’s going to be huge.

    29 September 2022
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    29 September 2022
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