Michiel Berende

Chief Inclusive Officer at Etherisc
On the record

Michiel Berende is the Chief Inclusive Officer at Etherisc, where he oversees activity pertaining to the development of the organization’s inclusive insurance offering. He first began his career in financial services as an underwriter with Dutch insurance company, Interpolis. Through this endeavor, Michiel was introduced to microinsurance and its framework for the protection of low-income populations. Michiel followed this progressive work to India, where he supported a large microfinance organization in its quest for suitable insurance technology. Michiel then resigned from the corporate world in pursuit of social good in India, where he established a knowledge center for microinsurance.

Michiel specializes in consultancy with a focus on insurance and technologies in emerging economies and has worked on projects spanning several emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In his role as Chief Inclusive Officer at Etherisc, Michiel assists in the provision of better financial services access for those who need it most. As a Director since 2020, Michiel also oversees Etherisc Impact B.V., which is the entity in the Etherisc ecosystem dedicated to projects in the area of sustainable development, inclusive insurance and agricultural solutions.

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