Michael Roberts

Founder at Xtructure
On the record

Seasoned executive with twenty years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. My focus is on leading small teams to achieve excellence, and building larger organizations that scale with small teams. It's incredibly gratifying to accomplish challenging goals with talented people and it's been my good fortune over my long career to work with great teams from places like NASA, Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company, and Hypergiant. I've taken on roles ranging from the executive (founder, CEO, VP) to the highly technical (senior engineer) to somewhere in between (software architect). During the course of my longstanding work in artificial intelligence, I've conducted organized research exploring the application of genetic algorithms to dynamic neural networks. I've built data science teams to tackle predictive models in Fortune 500 companies; and I've run corporate research groups to explore advanced technologies for practical applications of machine learning with event-driven time series data.