Miko Branch

Co-Founder and CEO at Miss Jessie's
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Miko Branch is the Co-Founder and CEO at Miss Jessie's. Miss Jessie’s Is Merely An Extension Of What Miko Does Best – Teaching The Techniques, Spreading The Knowledge, And Demonstrating The Benefits Of Caring For Textured And Naturally Curly Hair. Miko Continues To Develop Innovative, Original And Effective Solutions For Curly Hair Needs And She Has Acquired Numerous Accolades As A Result Of Her Remarkable Tenacity.

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  • I hope for the future that people continue to love and embrace their God-given natural textures, which makes it even more a labor of love for me to come up with the Miss Jessie's products you'll love. I hope that through Miss Jessie's, the curly-community continues to achieve the curls of their dreams.

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