Moses Balian

HR Consulting Manager at Justworks
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Moses is the Human Resources Consulting Manager at Justworks, the nation’s fastest-growing HR technology company serving small and medium-sized businesses. Having gained years of experience in employee relations, talent management, and corporate policy at the advertising agency Ogilvy, Moses provides HR guidance and solutions that are tailored to the needs of Justworks' customers -- many of whom experience rapid growth and encounter the numerous challenges associated with starting a business. He serves Justworks' customers directly as an HR practitioner, exhibiting a mix of client services acumen and extensive knowledge in human resources and employment law.

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  • This equivalent value is taxable, just like how cash compensation is taxable, except that the employee typically enjoys the benefit in the form of a product, service or reimbursement. Your payroll platform needs to be sophisticated and straightforward enough to process and appropriately categorize your fringe benefits so as to avoid tax mistakes and potential penalties.

    30 May 2022
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